Reflecting on the Gospel in Community

About BibleTogether

My name is Jeremiah Fyffe. I have been in pastoral ministry for over twelve years. Presently I am church planting in Viera, FL.

I started BibleTogether because I believe that one of the greatest barriers to reading the Bible is isolation. BibleTogether is a way that we can sharpen and encourage each other as we reflect on God's Word.

BibleTogether is now in its fourth year. The first year we read through the entire Bible in a year using a modified version of the ESV Study Bible's reading plan. The second year we read more deeply especially in the Gospels, Acts, Romans, Hebrews, and the Prison Epistles. We also got our fill of Genesis, Exodus, and Psalm 119. The third year we alternated our reading between reading for content and reading reflectively.

This year we are going back to reading through the Bible in a year.

You can download the reading plan for 2013 at

I truly hope that you find benefit for your soul from our reading the BibleTogether!

Jeremiah Fyffe

How to Use BibleTogether

In reading the Bible it is important to do two things. It is important to read through the whole of the Bible regularly. It is also important to read reflectively. With the strong foundation of Bible content you can pray over a particular passage and ask that you would be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

READ the BIBLE :: After you check BibleTogether for what scripture to read, open your Bible and read!

MEDITATE :: Spend a number of minutes reflecting on the passage yourself. Use a journal to write some of your thoughts and do a little of your own study.

READ the REFLECTION :: Only after you have done some reflection yourself, read the reflection posted at BibleTogether.

SHARE :: Write some of your own reflections in the comments of that day. This is BibleTogether after all.

Don't underestimate how encouraging it can be to other readers at BibleTogether to see your comments. A major part of the benefit of BibleTogether is knowing that others are reading with you.